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Building an ROI model to Evaluate Your B2B E-Commerce Initiative A how-to guide for manufacturers, distributors and other B2B organizations on building a financial model to assess the value of e-commerce. White Paper
Tape à l’oeil finds business harmony with hybris French retailer Tape à l’oeil wanted to provide trendy, affordable clothing for children, and to make the shopping experience enjoyable to customers. Case Study
hybris breaks new ground for B2B companies Take a look at what happens when we mix some hybris B2B functionality with a smart phone enabled workforce. Video
hybris delivers groundbreaking B2B e-commerce solution for Rexel’s Newey & Eyre Learn how B2B distributor Rexel used hybris to create a multichannel experience that would not compromise their exceptional customer service. Case Study
With hybris, FREITAG has global commerce in the bag Find out how Freitag used the hybris Commerce Accelerator to create an online experience that lives up to their hip, high-quality brand. Case Study
Delivering playtime: How The Entertainer teamed up with hybris and played to win. Discover how The Entertainer used the hybris framework to upgrade their website to deliver toys and games fast in time for the holiday rush. Case Study
Benefit Cosmetics Goes Multi-Channel in China Read how leading cosmetics brand Benefit Cosmetics successfully launched their online store geared toward the Chinese customer. Case Study
hybris: The Crown Jewel of 21DIAMONDS E-commerce Strategy Learn how 21DIAMONDS launched their high-end online store for customizable jewelry in under 3 months with the hybris Commerce Accelerator. Case Study
ghd builds online professional hair community. Powered by hybris. hybris B2C Commerce enabled ghd to implement a robust, international e-commerce experience, engaging salons and hair stylists across the globe. Case Study relies on hybris to increase conversions MarcoPoloShop used the hybris Commerce Suite to develop an easy-to-use e-commerce site to help increase purchases and open new business opportunities. Case Study
Commerce Search Easily promote specific products, vendors, or categories. hybris Commerce Search puts the power of search results in your hands. Product Collateral
B2C Commerce Accelerator for China Expand your digital offering to Chinese consumers with a ready-to-use omni-channel commerce solution: the B2C Commerce Accelerator for China. Product Collateral
hybris + OneView Commerce Store Discover how OneView Commerce & hybris are the first to bring a single, digitally powered platform of shared commerce into the store. Product Collateral
Improving Customer Experience with In-Store Mobility Technology Learn how a comprehensive mobile point-of-sale system can bring the tangible and digital channels used by shoppers together within your store. eBook
Key Questions to Include an E-Commerce Platform RFP Optimize the process of selecting a new e-commerce solution. Save time and money with tips for building a comprehensive, complete Request for Proposal. eBook
Managing Product Content for Omni-Channel Commerce Explore the relationship between product content and conversion, and combine practical advice with best practice insights to effectively engage users. eBook
Speed-to-Market: Implementing an E-Commerce Platform in Three Months Learn how to navigate and differentiate between platform options and evaluate solutions and vendors, all to accelerate implementation. White Paper
The Last Mile Transforming Commerce in Physical Stores Discover how you can integrate your physical stores with your online properties and avoid losing sales to online competitors. White Paper
Choosing the Right Deployment Model for your Multichannel Commerce Platform On-demand, on-premise or hosted? With 5 key questions, determine which deployment model best fits for your business and your commerce implementation. White Paper
Differentiated Commerce: The OmniCommerce Imperative Discover how OmniCommerce enables businesses to keep up with evolving customers, and learn to amplify growth and establish differentiated commerce. White Paper
Is Your Commerce Platform Ready to Go Global? Discover if your site has the functionality and flexibility to support global growth, such as language and currency localization, and local deployment. White Paper
Leveraging Experience-Driven Commerce to Build Brands Online Explore the relationship between experience-driven commerce, conversion and sales, and learn how to a great commerce experience can drive sales online. eBook
Will Your Commerce Platform Support Ongoing Business Growth? Four critical capabilities of a commerce platform that can “future-proof” your technology systems, priming your business for long-term growth. White Paper
Top E-Commerce Challenges Facing the Wholesale Industry This white paper discusses common challenges wholesalers face when leveraging modern e-commerce technologies to grow their business. White Paper
OmniCommerce with hybris The world is omni-channel. Make sure you're meeting your customers where they are, with what they need, to ensure you don't miss a sale. Video
How to Build a Thriving E-Commerce Business in China Learn how to tailor an e-commerce solution to meet the unique specs of China, which may soon overtake the U.S. as the largest online shopping market. White Paper
PC and Console Gaming: The End of the DVD Discover the consumer perspective on digital game content to help guide strategy and marketing decisions for gaming publishers and distributors. White Paper
Print Remains a Critical Component in Today’s Multichannel Environment The print industry has changed. Here, review the need for print today, the transition to digital publishing, and benefits of a high-end print solution. White Paper
The Consumerization of B2B Multichannel Commerce Driven by customer, cost and market factors the "Consumerization" of B2B commerce has started, and is presenting clear opportunities for B2B companies. White Paper
E-Commerce Checklist for Electrical Wholesale This paper summarizes a 2012 audit of 200 electrical wholesaling websites, and provides guidance on how to respond to the changing needs of buyers. White Paper
Agile Commerce White Paper: How to Adapt to Changing Consumer Behaviors This white paper explores what agile commerce is, the benefits of its strategy, and the steps you can take to shape an agile commerce environment. White Paper
App or Mobile Website? The million-dollar mobile question Read to discover: • What to consider before implementing mobile commerce • Pros and cons of mobile retail apps, and • Choosing the right mobile strategy White Paper
hybris Audit of E-Commerce Capabilities in Motors and PT Sector Reveals Significant Gaps This report summarizes an audit of 52 motor and power transmission websites, identifying major e-commerce opportunities for these distributors. White Paper
Digital E-Commerce: The Difference Between Selling a Product and Selling a Perpetual Customer Relationship Choose a technical strategy that helps you build real relationships with your digital customers, one that anticipates and supports limitless innovation. White Paper
Drive Revenue with hybris Commerce Personalization Learn how to increase sales by personalizing your B2B or B2C e-commerce site with landing page recommendations, targeted promotions and mobile commerce. White Paper
hybris Commerce Suite hybris delivers a best-in-class commerce software suite that helps you execute your direct selling processes and present a single, unified experience. Product Collateral
Shopping gets sexy with hybris hybris' resident geeks reveal shopping innovations so sexy, every retailer will be thinking, "How do I get that?" Video
2012 State of B2B E-Commerce A study of more than 200 manufacturers and distributors underscores vendors' need to embrace digital selling strategies. White Paper
E-Commerce for Telcos - Weak Link or Competitive Advantage? Telco e-commerce sites must address unique industry needs. This paper examines opportunities telcos have to leverage e-commerce and gain their edge. White Paper
Fulfillment in a Multichannel Retailing Environment Discover proven cross-channel fulfillment strategies and their benefits, and learn what to do when seeking management buy-in on digital solutions. White Paper
Guide to hybris Deployment Options This paper helps you determine which deployment option – on-premise, on-demand, or a hybrid approach – is right for you, with simple pros and cons. White Paper
The Telco Edge: Maximizing ARPU Explore how telco providers can leverage e-commerce to maximize ARPU and retain customers through a personalized cross-channel experience. White Paper
hybris B2B Commerce Do you want to deliver a first-class omni-channel B2C experience to your B2B customers? Learn how hybris B2B Commerce makes it possible. Product Collateral
hybris B2C Commerce See how hybris offers the tools you need to connect each of your touchpoints and unify commerce processes on a single, highly flexible platform. Product Collateral
hybris Product Content Management (PCM) Discover how hybris Product Content Management (PCM) consolidates and centralizes management of product information and attributes across all channels. Product Collateral
hybris Commerce Accelerator for B2B Launch faster and start selling. Accelerate your B2B Commerce implementation with our ready-to-use solution hybris Commerce Accelerator for B2B. Product Collateral
hybris Commerce Accelerator for B2C Implement your B2C commerce site in as little as four months. With the hybris Commerce Accelerator for B2C, launch quickly and be multi-channel from day one. Product Collateral
hybris Mobile Be everywhere your customers are. The hybris Mobile Module gives you the tools to create a consistent mobile shopping experience for your customers. Product Collateral

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